Ask telltale and skybound for do New games twd. A game fear the walking dead with Clem and AJ

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Hello everyone. Big fan of twd games. I'm for a season 5 to continue the story of Clémentine because she's been there from the beginning and she will have to be there until the end, and to finish the series after 4 season I find it a shame and too early, it could go into adulthood. A sequel can be done with Clémentine, she will just have a leg finally prosthetic ankle and prostheses and specialists are even in an apocalyptic world like twd and she will always be able to move and fight, as hershel does in the series and still her case it's worse because it's up to the knee. Skybound and telltale would have to work together to make the sequel. And also put back the characters Javier, CHRISTA and molly ' others or we don't know what became of them. I want a season 5 with Clémentine as an adult as the main character who continues to guide AJ being older, the story of this season should take place 3 years after the events of season 4 with flashbacks. A little more romance with Clémentine and morale would also be good in this season. I am for it to continue and why not two more seasons afterwards to make a real series. I want a season 5 where we play Clémentine and Javier too. I hope they will. The end of season 4 is good and it ends well but I find it sloppy and too many clues of a sequel and skybound and telltale should not end like this. I want a season 5. Clem is the best.
I hope that in the future Telltale or skybound or both will make a season 5 or a new spin-off twd game to continue Clementine's story. And the story should take place like 3 years after the events of this season 4. A new season where we play Clémentine (with a leg finally a prosthetic ankle made by a specialist even in this apocalyptic world) clem will still be able to move and fight, it will be a little different, and Javier with flashbacks too, and Clementine's dreams with Lee's conscience.. With choices on each of the two, with romance, moral, ect... I hope they do and when they can of course it will be great, Clementine is the best of the characters in the games, she's been there from the beginning and should stay until the end.
or do a twd derivative series of games over several seasons, like a fear the walking dead in games with Clémentine and Aj, and put Javier too. And why not in the next game put Clem as a secondary character with flashbacks like in the lost frontier season and another season afterwards where we mainly play it. Well I'm for us to play it in the next games.

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