"Family" Episode Discussion

This is the penultimate episode of TWD, can you believe it? Also, a random point, I find it annoying that the last episode was (appropriately) called "Faith", this is "Family", and the last one is called "Rest in Peace" and not "Friendship" or "Football". Like, finish the alliteration man.

Anyway, time to fuck shit up, to quote Mercer. Let's see what happens.


  • I thought it was great! Loved the talk between Ezekiel and Negan, got to see Eugene finally kick some ass, seeing all those climbers attack the guard was cool (though I really wish this was an element that was introduced earlier), Negan drops the best F bomb of the season, and there were some really tense and unexpected moments. Did not expect Lydia to get bit and definitely did not expect Judith to get shot, though I fully expect both characters to survive. Also Jerry leaving the RV and saying "See you on the otherside," feels like one big red flag. They'd better not kill him.

    Next week's the last episode, hopefully they pull it off.

  • Why the hell did they wait till this show ends then reintroduce mega OP walkers? Took your time buddy!

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