"Rest in Peace" Episode Discussion (TWD Series Finale)

Here it is, the last, truly last, the Walking Dead there is. I've been watching this show for a decade, and it's cool to see reach its conclusion. Recent seasons have been much better than the season 7-8 mess.

I've been making these threads since Season 5, so like 7 years of my life have gone into these. What a ride. We used to have a lot more commentators...but now it's we few, we happy few.

And after tonight, I'll be free, free as a bird. So, for the very last time, comment before, while, and after you watch! Thanks for joining me on the ride that is these episode threads.


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    Considering the numerous circumstances working against the show like losing its biggest leads, slowly dwindling viewership, Scott Gimple, and Covid. I honestly think they did a great job. I found it to be a very tense, emotional and bittersweet finale to the series. Is it perfect? No, but they did great with the hand they were dealt and it managed to squeeze a few tears out of me. A lot of fantastic performances as well, with the standouts being Lauren Cohan (Maggie), Christian Serratos (Rosita), Josh McDermitt (Eugene), and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan). Eleanor Matsuura (Yumiko), Lauren Ridloff (Connie), Nadia Hilker (Magda), and Angel Theory (Kelly), did a fucking killer job in the opening as well. Really raw performances by some very underutilised characters. Also a lot of parallels and homages to earlier seasons of the show which I very much enjoyed.

    Overall, I very much enjoyed it. It's kinda sad to see it go, but I'm glad it's finally ended in a satisfying way.

    Also Jerry lived so 10/10

    Until the Dead City, Daryl Dixon, and Rick & Michonne spin offs at least lmao.

    I really am The Walking Dead.


    • From the way the actresses for Yumiko, Connie, Magda, and Kelly were acting you'd think Dan Fogler (Luke) was actually dying cause holy shit, that was some of the most realistic crying I've ever seen in media.
    • Carl got the dinner he dreamed of. There's a few tweaks to the guest list but still!
    • Love that Gabriel was the one to let the people through the gates. Perfect callback to his cowardly days.
    • I fuckin' love Josh McDermitt. When he started talking to Rosita about seeing summer and his voice cracks, you could tell he knew something was up but he tried hard to deny it. Fucking fantastic actor.
    • Also really liked the talk between Maggie and Negan. She doesn't forgive him and probably never will, but no longer wants to hate him.
    • The final emotional moment of the episode with Carol and Daryl was wonderfully bittersweet. They're the last of the Alexandria group and it was nice to have one last moment with them just peacefully hanging out.
    • Nice to see Andrew Lincoln return, along with Danai Gurira in medieval getup for some reason.
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