Minecraft Platform Version Introduction

Minecraft has been developed and launched on many different platforms. This article introduces you to all Minecraft platform versions.

Minecraft Java Edition
Java Edition is the original platform version of Minecraft , and it is also the PC version that players usually refer to. This version is the original platform version of Minecraft , and it is also the fastest and most orthodox version. Minecraft The Java version was officially released in 2009, and the complete official version was released in 2011. As the name suggests, the Java version is written in the Java language. This version only supports MacOS, Windows, and Linux platforms , and the Java version can only be connected with the Java version .

Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Bedrock Edition of Minecraft can be understood as a development platform. The Bedrock Edition is a substitute for the Pocket Edition. It is written in C++ and supports IOS, Android, Windows 10/11 and game console devices , such as Xbox, Switch , Playstation, etc. Rock Edition , like other versions , players can build virtual reality in a sandbox-like environment , but Bedrock Edition can only be connected to Bedrock Edition, but it is also possible to use plugins to allow Bedrock Edition users to connect to Java Edition servers .

Minecraft Education Edition
Minecraft Education Edition is a teaching version specially designed for classroom use by Mojang Studios and Xbox Game Studios. This version is different from other versions. It integrates educational management into the gameplay, helping students and teachers achieve various special effects such as making friends and interacting with each other. , Minecraft Education Edition is based on the Bedrock Edition, which allows everyone to explore, practice and innovate through task-based learning, and is committed to providing students with an immersive learning experience. This release currently supports MacOS, Windows, ChromeOS as well as iOS and iPad OS .

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