7 days to die

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NOt sure why I had to make an account but I dont see anything here. Thought it would update game software...


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    Telltale lost the publishing rights to 7 Days to Die when the previous version of Telltale Games closed their doors in 2018. The new, current version of Telltale Games has re-opened under new leadership, and they did not reacquire some of their game rights, including 7DTD.

    You can read more here: https://www.telltale.com/player-support/

    Which games are still supported and where can I find them?

    • Batman: Shadows Edition
    • Batman: The Enemy Within
    • Batman: The Telltale Series
    • Hector: Badge of Carnage
    • Puzzle Agent
    • Puzzle Agent 2
    • Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People
    • Tales of Monkey Island
    • Telltale Texas Hold’em
    • The Wolf Among Us
    • Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventure

    Where can I find information about unsupported games?

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