Your 2022 review .

Hello everyone I know mostly I’ve been less active in the community and just wanted to say my 2022 was running smoothly I did keep up with some of my promises mostly been reading graphic novels monthly which of course was a great success and will be continued throughout, I also went to the movies twice this year in 6th month gap between and might got once a month or if if a movie has gotten my attention .

I’ve also been busy with money making apps which of course I answer surveys and get gift card rewards but that also would be continued now what I’ve been lacking in 2022 was going to the gym which started at the end of the year but now for 2023 this will be improved since I got an (echo dot 5) to help me keep things organized since I sometimes didn’t like to turn on my phone and use it for an alarm and not have too deal with battery getting drained .

What I also want to and try to improve is buy going out for longer walks outside and re-explore comic book stores that I’ve haven’t fished in 7 years and other areas .

How was your 2022 experience let me now in the comments bellow peace.✌️


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    This year was pretty decent. I finished my 3rd year of college with no problem and now I am in the final year. I found a client organisation which would help me with my graduation project but right now, I am in a stressful condition because I have to accomplish all of my current courses in January and February.

    I have experienced some family drama with my step-dad. He had the audacity to put me in the middle of his divorce with my mother, me who had nothing to do with my mother's secret intentions and never even had a girlfriend. Granted, I did lie to him about my mother's free time but she is the one who made me. I didn't want to be involved in a drama that has nothing to do with my future. Last time I spoke with him regulary, he yelled at me because he was upset that I didn't ask for his help to fix my internet connection during my internship in my homecountry and instead, I called a specialist to do it. His logic made no sense, he was hundreds of miles away and there was no way I could trust myself to repair something myself, with him on a Whatsapp video chat that would consume all of my data. It didn't even cost a lot to call the specialist. After I got all of my belongings from his home, I said to myself I'll just move on with my life and I don't ever want to talk with him ever again. I gave him enough chances but he refuses to learn from his mistakes. His divorce is no longer an excuse.

    I haven't been to gym for almost a year because I had a lot of work from home and school. Hopefully I will get that time during my graduation. Also, I have managed to get my youtube channel monetized and I think it's possible for me to use it as a job. Recently, I am ditching my editing software, Filmora, for something called DaVinci Resolve because Wondershare made a scum decision to have the Lifetime Lincense holders pay for the next upgrade of the software, Filmora 12. Thankfully, I didn't pay them any money as I was planning to but thanks to Daniel Batal, he suggested DaVinci Resolve which is completely free with no watermark or any subscription and has more functions.

    As for video games, I only played three new games this year. Elden Ring, Stray and A Plague Tale Requiem. A Plague Tale Innocence and Requiem were the biggest surprises I have had this year. I love those games so much, they brought me back to my old days of playing the Uncharted franchise and the first Last of Us game. It's a shame they are being overlooked compared to Elden Ring and God of War Ragnarok.

    I think 2023 is gonna be the busiest year for me. Last year of college and lots of game releases that I want to play.

  • It turned out pretty good at the end 10/10

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