Developed by Telltale?

Hey guys, just wanted to ask this here, because I want to collect every Telltale Game... and for this one, according to Steam, Telltale is just the Publisher? Or who is "Straandlooper" which is the developer according to the steam-store?



  • Straandlooper was the actual developer of Hector, which started out as just an iOS game. Telltale helped fund development and porting to its own platform, but it still "feels" like an iOS game even when you play it on PC.

    I'm not sure what happened to Straandlooper, but I think it's dead. There's a Wikipedia article for it, but the last Twitter tweet was in 2016 (and the last that wasn't just a retweet was 2012), and its website is gone (taken over by a malicious site, do not visit it). So I don't think we're going to see anything else out of them.

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