The Walking Dead Definitive Series - Season 4 Import Save File issue? Need Help please

Hi guys,

Just recently starting playing through The Walking Dead Definitive Series for the first time. After finishing Season 1, I imported my save file into Season 2, and then same again for Season 3.

About to start the Final Season now, and once again have imported my save file from the previous Season. Only this time, after telling me that my save file was successfully imported, the game asks me to confirm the following three choices from Season 1:

  • Did I save Doug or Carley?

  • Did I let Lilly stay, or did I leave her behind?

  • What was Lee's final advice to Clem?

All the remaining choices I made, the game remembers them (Did I shoot Lee, did I kill Kenny, etc).

My question is, does this mean there is an issue with the save importer, and if so is there any way to fix it? Or is this normal and I shouldn't be too worried?

Any help I would greatly appreciate.

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