Only you TellTale!

I am one of the biggest protesters against Early Access, Pre-Orders, and anything else that gives companies money to work on a project. It is a business model, I strongly oppose. I think consumers should push back against it, as well, as micro-transactions, that can make a gamer wind up spending hundreds or dollars on what should have been an $80 game(at most), sold completely and wholly upfront. The fad, the "shut up and take my money" from entitled kids, and honestly, the loneliness(or whatever emotion someone is going through) causes gamers to spend, spend, SPEND! and then defend the gaming industry for robbing them blind. Most game companies know this and actually exploit human weakness, to just milk gamers dry. It is so wrong!

That being said, I can not wait to see this become available and an option on Steam, moreover TWAU 2, so I can....yes....throw them my money. I do not see this fitting into the above paragraph. Starting with TWAU, I have owned every game since, and have even went and bought up all the older ones. I still play the Poker Night games, when I have small amounts of downtime. I have bought the games multiple times over and spread them out as gifts to entice people to buy the rest. I have since become disabled and am on a budget, but I still get Humble Bundles. Especially, if these pop up, and gift them.

I hope this game is a HUGE success. I do hope it is also, not a $40+ title. Although, I would hazard a guess, it will probably be $39.99. Which is a sacrifice, I can deal with, if I must. Like I said, get this and TWAU 2, new Borderlands, new Batman's, and well, darn it, ANY of your new games on Steam, and open your wallets to receive! I am happy to see you back , TellTale! You have no idea! I only wish I could be part of your team. You guys are one of the few dreams I have left!

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