• Obscure series, and not available on the most popular PC platforms. I have a bad feeling about this.

  • Are there any plans to release The Expanse on Steam as well? Being a Linux gamer, steam proton would be the only way to play this game, or do you plan to release a Linux version as well?

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    Forgive me for thinking that not going with the monopoly, but rather with a distributor that has at least scaled back their Russia business considerably, is a move that shows balls. Integrity? I don't know. Morals? No idea. Business sense? Who knows. But balls, that in any case.

    It will of course be on Steam later on, because if a company knows the worth of multi platform releases, it's most definitely Telltale. Yes I know it's not the same company, but at least they have more of a claim to that than Kevin's new company with its brazen attempt to milk some dough from a recipe Sean and Jake have left him with 11 years ago.

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    Bruner's case is absolutely jarring with the supposed continuation of Tales of the Borderlands and the upcoming Star Trek, there is kind of some competition as of who is the true heir to the "Telltale formula" with a lad such as Kevin that doesn't want to let go and likes to remember everyone that his team is composed of former telltale writers and how they were responsible for Got Telltale and Minecraft's graphics etc taking pride on those games as if those achievements were only their own.

    That is basically their selling point, knowing that Bruner's actions and internal mismanagement along with others on old Telltale's direction led to mistreatment of workers(crunch/awful work culture etc) and the fall of original Telltale, it doesn't set well to me what kind of stuff they can bring forward with Drastic studios/Bruner house specially when they draw so much on such a divisive past one should praise with caution.

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    Forgive me for thinking that not going with the monopoly, but rather with a distributor that has at least scaled back their Russia business

  • Absolutely. Judging from the first "gameplay" minutes from that Kev Trek game, the stale old recipe was heeded down to the last ounce of sand in the gearbox. Timer on the replies, silence is an option, exploration is very limited and eyes only. It's The Walking Dead 1.0. The kitchen chefs that made that recipe for Kevin have immediately abandoned that formula for their first game after leaving Telltale, Firewatch – a non episodic narrative game with solid (yet certainly also limited) exploration and experimentation mechanics.

    As of right now, we can say that The Expanse looks much better than what we've seen from Kev Trek, but Neo-Telltale also has to innovate considerably in the gameplay sector if it is to grind the Bruner Hellhouse into the fine paste it deserves to be ground into. The Expanse is a great license, the first three seasons were incredible (it all went downhill once Amazon got its hands on the running series though), but Star Trek is undeniably huge.

    Let's hope we're looking at the Expanse of the game mechanics here and everything will be fine.

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    Bruner's case is absolutely jarring with the supposed continuation of Tales of the Borderlands and the upcoming Star Trek, there is kind of

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    It all depends on how the Star Trek game is received, it has already been delayed several times and now apparently comes out in May, gotta note that for what I've seen New Telltale(and Deck Nine) have been far more transparent and constant on promoving The Expanse than Bruner&Co thing they don't seem to understand is that you cannot fade away during months without pushing some kind of info forward specially so close to release.

    Of course given the franchise we are speaking about fans are just going to buy it blindly disregarding the history of the developers on the game industry but yeah we'll probably see the worst of Telltale's old formula on this one that being the impact of choices on the whole narrative(hopefully Deck Nine can guide Telltale on that regard and save us of plot holes), when you are told this and that is going to be remembered and then it is only paid lip service then yeah you have a bunch of pissed gamers at your back.

    The Expanse is a far more innovative setting, still a fresh IP with barely expansións or side content out there, the Amazon series were great but the novels/graphic novels is what drive many fans to this telltale game, the first game expansions of a narrative world are to be handled carefully in order not to alienate one part of the fandom one way or another, given the original writers are aiding New Telltale hopefully references/tribute to the peculiarities of the novels(that were cut out of the TV) are also shown.

    Didn't know that ex telltale workers made Firewatch gotta agree with you that the premise was unique but the lack of exploration left me back on the day to turn to more promising indie projects such as Eastshade(castaway painter travelling a land of talking animals,painting and discovering the landscape), a marvelous experience crafted by another developer fleeing that hated crunch culture and the result is sweeter than a cake.

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    Absolutely. Judging from the first "gameplay" minutes from that Kev Trek game, the stale old recipe was heeded down to the last ounce of san

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    Jake Rodkin and Sean Vanaman were instrumental in creating the Walking Dead Season 1 and left Telltale together to found a new company, Campo Santo, from scratch, immediately after episode 5 was out. The first and only Campo Santo game was the hugely successful Firewatch.

    Sadly, and this is fairly on topic in this thread, Valve has bought Campo Santo and its incredible creative talent shortly after they announced their incredible looking In the Valley of Gods. Of course they said they would still make that game, back in 2017, but they were immediately redistributed to other projects (I guess you'll find their names in that Alyx VR game (edit: I checked. They are in there. And those are the worst credits I have ever seen.)).

    Now that I google it, apparently in February this year Steam's catalog entry for In the Valley of Gods has updated to a tentative release date of December 2029. Somebody is driving the point home and the nail in the coffin here. Valve is pulling an explicit Electronic Arts move here, not their first, but nobody is giving them shit for it. Buy company, nip in bud.

    Jake's still doing the good work though – and will finish the remake of Sam & Max' third and last Telltale Season this year. He's still technically a Valve employee I think, and the community has given these remakes very bad reviews for entirely negligible and horribly vindictive reasons, so I guess I have to hope, pray and gnaw my teeth for The Devil's Playhouse to even release on gog.

  • Epic literally pays companies to make my choices as a consumer worse. If Telltale is going to start buddying up with them, they won't have any of my money.

  • Only on Epic? Really? Well then I guess I will get it by other means. Not supporting Epic ever in my lifetime. If you cannot release it on Steam, which is the superior of all platforms, then you get nothing from me.

  • I am very sad to see that The Expanse wont be on Steam for a while.
    I had my issues with Epic Games like they wont delete my account years ago and I had to threaten with a lawyer since I had the right that they delete it (GDPR or for German DSGVO).
    And I team up with @Shifujju they just pay companies for (time) exclusive releases and that results, in my case, that I probably wont play that game because after a year or more its not interesting anymore. (Happens to be the case for Outer Worlds... which I was REALLY excited about and Sifu as well)

    And in the end, when they probably reach a position like Steam, they will stop beeing so generous.

  • "after a year or more its not interesting anymore" why not? anyhow, I personally prefer to buy on GOG if possible but in the end it doesn't matter because all my games are unified in the Playnite frontend

  • Will this ever be on Steam?
    I will not use Epic because they do not support Linux.

  • best guess July 2024 as epic like to make games a 1 year exclusive

  • you can now follow this game on steam(coming soon)

  • now available on steam

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