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Hey guys when I got the wolf among us I bought the 2-5 episode pack. Then I played episode 1 after that I went to play episode 2 but it said, Coming Soon! So I clicked on it and said unable to download now please try later. So that’s what I did. I kept trying and got the same message over and over. This I currently day 2 of it happening. I have already bought the pack so I don’t know what to do. Please help me I am very worried and scared. Tell me what to do please to fix this.


  • I can’t play episode 2-5 because it says Coming Soon! And I’ve payed for the 2-5 episode pack

  • So I got the wolf among us 2-5 episode pack and after that I played episode 1 when I was done I went to the episode menu to download the episode but it said coming soon I wondered maybe it’s a glitch so I closed and open the app and nothing. When I clicked on play it took me to the start episode 2 page but it said instead of start episode, Coming Soon! I clicked on it and it took me to a page saying, unable to download now please try later! So I clicked ok and tried later. You can guess that it did not work. So then I started to write stuff on the Internet to help. Nothing wrote an app review. Nothing. Sent an email to telltale. Nothing. Did a YouTube video nothing. I looked things up. I did what it said. Nothing. So that’s when I wrote this.

    Telltale mike please email me back

  • Same Here! They keep saying reinstall app after iPad shutdown
    I’ve lost my Save File 3 times
    They just emailed me back saying something is up with their servers… guess we’ll just have to wait for an Update

  • They'd benefit from a server status page 🙏

  • Any luck out there… Still “Coming Soon!”?

  • For what it’s worth, I managed to get a response from the contact form on this. Unfortunately, it just repeated the same incorrect instructions that you find for the Batman game - ie uninstall, reinstall, restore purchases. I’m not getting any replies to my follow up questions.

    Looks like the iOS version is busted for now.

  • I'm continuing to follow up on this, as it's frustrating to see the $20 Multipack still available for sale, without any effort to actually deliver on the product. In most scenarios, that would be the definition of "consumer fraud", and it's surprising that the new TellTale owners see that as being ok on the Apple App Store platform.

    Twitter support has been the most responsive, but has no answers, and directs the inquiry to the "CS" support team. The CS support ticket resulted in a single erroneous response, and dead silence for any follow ups.

    Anyone else have more luck with this?

  • I cant play too😭

  • I purchased the game on my iPad more than a year ago, and recently and reinstalled the game and wanted to play it again. I played episode 1 and it was great, I can never get used to the story !! But to my surprise I couldn’t play the other episodes even after redeeming my purchase. It was the same as you described it, “ comming soon “. If anyone figures it out please inform us here. But I do think this issue won’t be fixed unless we do something about it. Us as a community.. what do you guys suggest??

    So I got the wolf among us 2-5 episode pack and after that I played episode 1 when I was done I went to the episode menu to download the epi

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