Does my Steam season 1 save transfer to season 2 from Epic games?

Hello people,

I plan to pre-order The Wolf Among Us 2 via Epic Games store because it is the first platform it will be released on just like with The Expanse, however, I have season 1 on my Steam account and not Epic.

Will my season 1 choices from my Steam game transfer to season 2 if I get season 2 from Epic?

Thanks in advance


  • I don't think Telltale has commented on this topic yet, but I doubt you'll be able to transfer saves in general. Soon it's going to be 10 years since the first game's release and they can't expect players to hoard those save files for that long.

    If Telltale wants the decisions you made in the first game to matter in TWAU 2, they'll probably specifically ask you about them before you start the game.

    All in all, you shouldn't worry about this.

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