[SPOILERS] Reason for "weird" introduction to The Expanse?

Hi all, I just finished playing the first episode of The Expanse and I really enjoyed it. However, the intro puzzled me and a friend who also played episode 1 himself.
Why would they start Episode 1 with Cox getting shoved in the airlock???
Because of this intro, I basically mistrusted Cox for the entirety of the episode and it certainly influenced my choices, such as the one about cutting off my crew member's leg, because of the intro I did not want to follow Cox's orders because I knew he would screw me over 8 hours later. If I did not know this, I would have cut off his leg most likely.
It also ruined the surprise betrayal at the end because I could feel it from a mile away when he asked me to check out the ship's thrusters.

What do you all think of this choice? They haven't done this in their previous games and I hope Telltale doesn't do this again...

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