Achievements not unlocking on Epic Games

I played through the game twice. I got all salvage (8 pieces) and all 7 logs and those achievements didn't unlock for me on Epic Games. Not even Captain Drummer - Complete Episode 1 of The Expanse.
I only got Doctor Approved unlocked. If you are adding achievements to a game it would be nice to make sure they work.
Or just release game on Steam because you know, Epic is trash.


  • Same thing happened to me except I didn't get a single achievement (not even "finished episode 1" even though I have demonstrably finished it).
    Not sure if related but: I first bought the base game, then realised I really wanted the deluxe edition. So I immediately asked for refund and purchase the deluxe edition. At the moment they both appear as in library but the game entry in the library is still "The Expanse - A Telltale Series" as opposed to "The Expanse: A Telltale Series Deluxe Edition" which is how it shows up in the store section of the Epic client. I just hope it all works out as expected when episode 2 comes around, but it really bothers me that achievements do not unlock properly.

  • Same thing for me, as well as controllers not working with it.

  • I wasn't able to unlock achievements initially, but I was able to unlock achievements from yesterday, think there's been a patch to resolve the issue. Isn't Epic Games fault if a feature hasn't been implemented properly by the dev team

  • I was not able to unlock any achievements on release. Just played through the first 2 eps again and despite getting all salvage, logs, and side quest items for the crew all I got was the Doctor approved achievement. Lmao it sucked when I forgot the crystal and had to start all over again! Damn it give me my achievements :smile:

  • This was TellTale Quick solution incase you havent seen it yet

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    Thanks for this, as it offers some comfort. However, after my first play through on PC, I wanted to go back and find the crystal for Virgil and other items for the other characters. I restarted the story deleting the current save and starting a new one. I found the crystal and gave it to Virgil, found the drugs and gave them to the twins, and the mushroom powder for Virgil. I listened to Maya's music and gave the cigar to Khan as well as gave the scotch to Cox. However only the Doctor Approved achievement was unlocked. Stogie for Fogey, Drug Gifter, Spore Taste, Bottoms Up and Martian Music all remain locked still. Captain Drummer also remains locked despite finishing EP1 and Celebrations are in Order remains locked despite finishing EP2. I have over 8hrs play through currently according to Epic.

    I might try a third play through since I've finished both EP1 and EP2, maybe that will do the trick. Third times a charm right? :smile:

    Edit: Just played through a 3rd time, grabbed all salvage and logs and still no extra achievements. An annoyance going forward but I still enjoy the game and won't worry too much about the achievements as I progress through the story.

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    This was TellTale Quick solution incase you havent seen it yet

  • I too (on PC/EPIC) am seeing no achievements whatsover despite having completed both chapters.

    I do hope that when Tellltale patch this for PC/EPIC, it will retrospectively read my save files and unlock the achievements that I, um, achieved. The data is in there for sure.

  • I really enjoyed episode 2, but still no achievements.
    Thanks Jackdaw2017 for posting the link to the update. It surprises me the dev team has not posted that information in a pinned message on top of the forum. Would seem to me to be the ideal place to let dedicated fans know.

  • I have been able to unlock all achievements for Episode 2, except for giving drugs to the twins. I cannot get that achievement to unlock, I have tried restarting the episode and playing through it from the beginning but I'm unable to unlock that one

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    Hmm so no real fix in Chapter 3. By quitting before an hour was up. I managed at least to get the achievement for completing the chapter. No retrospective fix.

    Honestly, this is well below the standard that I expect from a game at this price level.

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    The achievements (in the Epic Store Version at least) are really a joke. I am not getting the "Drug Gifter" one although giving the dude the drugs and finishing the episode - I did this 4 times at least now (and yes, I tried different approaches like playing it all at once or stopping every 45 minutes and restarting the game as it was suggested somewhere else).

    The most ridiculous thing is that the achievement for finishing episode 5 won't trigger at the end - but ALL the OTHER achievements for like collecting everything, finishing the game and so one have been given to me. Just not this one which doesn't make sense. Also tried several times here.

    Telltale, please fix this, you can do much better...

  • At this point Telltale's competence at honoring both achievements and major in-game decisions (re Cox) is seriously in question.

    Will definitely be waiting for independent reviews before buying again.

    It is notable that the two streamers that I most trust, one of whom is a big fan of the Expanse universe, both seem to have quit covering the game after ep 2.

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    Telltale, will you release a patch addressing these bugs?

    The next "funny" thing is that the sticky post in this forum tells you to submit a request in the Support Center but there you cannot even select this game, only older games:

    How is this company still alive ? lol

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