Upgrade to Delux Edition

I got the basic version on Epic. I really enjoyed the first episode, so I wanted to upgrade my version to the Deluxe edition because I think the game deserves it. But I can't find that option anywhere. I can't even return the original version to Epic and buy the Delux because I spent more than two hours in the game.

It would need some DLC to upgrade the standard version to Delux.


  • I just want to add my two-cents and say i also just had to refund the game and then rebuy the Deluxe Edition, as i really enjoy this game and series!
    Luckily i only had a little over 1,5h in the game. You really should look into having an upgrade option.

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    For me it was same story as GeneralGuyDave, but I agree with you Human-Traffic, it is inexcusable that Epic does not provide the upgrade option. Makes them look like the poor man's steam. Wait... they are the poor man's steam (functionality wise at least). Hey Telltale, couldn't you please go with Steam and/or GOG instead please?

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