Looking for the Release Date of "Sam & Max Hit The Road"

Wikipedia is curiously coy about the exact release date for the initial S&M game, "Sam & Max Hit The Road". It's listed as published in "September, 1993". I have checked other websites and none seems to provide a specific release day.

(On the other hand, the initial release date for "Day of the Tentacle" is known to the day - June 25, 1993.)

I'm curious if anybody in this forum has had more luck than me. Can anybody please tell me on which day "Sam & Max Hit The Road" was released -- preferrably with a source?


  • I really liked that game on my Amiga.

  • It's actually November 1993, so the 30th anniversary is coming up next month! Maybe someone will say.

    In 1993, though, people weren't all that hung up on individual dates, because these kinds of games weren't downloaded, and it's not like there was a line at the game store waiting to be the first to purchase this. So there may not be an official release date beyond the month.

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