Missing log - no duplicate save option

I would like to make a suggestion that a “duplicate” save option be added to save menus. Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe previous titles have had this.

While in my first play through of chapter 1 I got everything, at the end of chapter 2 I was missing a log in the final section of the chapter. While I don’t mind replaying chapter 2 in its entirety, I’d like to keep my current chapter 2 play through as my pick up point for chapter 3. If I could clone my save it could be a “clean up” file.

I’m on a PS5, at this point I believe I’ll have to do the whole turn off cloud uploads so I can replay the chapter quickly and then download the cloud save file to overwrite after I get logs trophy.

Wish there was a better way, if so let me know otherwise consider this as an update before chapter 3 is released.



  • Other titles like Life is Strange, showed you each chapter and the number of collectibles missing. You then got an option to replay meeting original choices. Great for mopping up. I've had to replay EP1 and 2 due to not finding all items. There is a trophy for finding them all across all 5 episodes so you need your save in a good state before beginning ep3

  • Yep understandable, I've played I believe all the Telltale games and the Life is Strange games, this one just seems to a bit more obtuse then others in the past.

    As I mentioned I didn't have to replay 1 but still need to go back and play 2. While I got all the scavenger items in 3, appears there is a bug where it can not give the trophy so now I am starting back at 2 to replay to get the log I missed in 2. At this point I'm not convinced that if I just played 2 that when I got the logs in 4 and 5 that it would know I got ALL the logs if they aren't on the same save file.

    So I'm going to have to replay ALL of 2 and 3 making sure I don't just mop up the missing log in 2 and redo the collectibles in 2 and 3 AS WELL as make all the same decisions and dialogs to try to recreate my MAIN play through so that is the one I can continue through the whole series with.

    While in the past I might have played all the chapters and then go back and like you referenced just dive in, grab what was missing and jump out, I'm not sure if that will work this time around. So I'd rather replay 2 and 3, vs having to do 2,3,4,5. At LEAST when I'm done with this replay of 2 and 3 I'll have the collectibles trophy and will just have to focus on the logs and hidden trophies when it comes to 4 and 5, which those trophies would be easy enough to jump back in with a duplicated save to grab. I did notice when I started 2 again that I could choose to put it on a new save slot which was basically what I'm asking for. I'm not 100% sure that was in the first patch of the game when chapter 2 came out but maybe I just overlooked it when I was playing around with trying to get a second save off of what I had done in chapter 1.

  • Think you need to use one save all the way through and some trophies only pop on episode competition. Scavenge parts trophy popped after ep3 so just mission logs in EP4 and 5

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