Unable to Download Episode 3 - DeJa Vu

sigh Another episode and the same old problem.
Content Not Found - WS-116190-0. after click Open Playstation Store
Trying to download manually Episode 3 unavailable.

COME ON - How has this problem not been fixed yet???


  • same problem here. I didn't seem to need to download episode 2, I was able to just play 1 and 2. If I go to the add-on section under PS5 game, it says ep2 and ep3 are unavailable.

    Trying to launch the store from in game says content not found

    And searching for the game in the PS store I see other options to buy the game... but I already own it so yeah, not sure what to do. I emailed support and they replied with the steps other people metioned for the last episode, didn't work (told me to resume activity from the dashboard and that just restarted episode 2). This is pretty annoying.

  • If it helps anyone - I had this exact problem on the pre-ordered deluxe edition on PS5 (using the PS5 version). Episode 2 completed, clicked the link to download Episode 3, Error message about content not being available.

    After trying a few things, I checked the Playstation App on my phone (this would probably work also by signing into the PSN Store on the web). Clicking through to the Expanse game, then clicking the slider to 'Add-ons': Episodes 2 and 3 are listed. Click on Episode 3, then Download to Console (assuming your console is in Rest-mode and you've allowed it to download content in rest-mode...).

    The Episode is now downloaded and ready to play.

  • Good tip. I've never used the in game option to download an episode. It's always been either manage add-ons or sometimes the link on the main page for the game

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