I'm getting worried for The wolf among us 2

So as you may know the wolf among us 2 was never shown at the summer game fest because Geoff Keighley confirmed the game won't be there before the event happened and I'm getting worried that the game won't be out this year if it does get delayed again then the wolf among us 2 will come out next year on 2025 the silence has gone on long enough I want some news of the game or else all hell breaks loose.


  • Telltale laid off a lot of their staff due to the commercial failure of The Expanse. Due to less manpower, I wouldn't be surprised if TWAU2 got delayed again. I don't mind the wait as long as the game turns out well.

  • I don’t know maybe they’ll release it even later like 2026, GTA 5 is coming out 2025, maybe they don’t wanna share the spotlight

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