Telltale I'm worried

The wolf among us was my first telltale game that I played. I was very excited when I saw the trailer for the second season. But this is getting way out of hand.
The game was supposed to come out last year and now we have no idea how is the game progressing. They also got rid of the entire team that worked on the first game so what does that mean is the story gonna be different now or what. They need to give us some news before end of 2024. Hopefully on gamescom that's my only hope. Its just crazy that we got Max Caulfield back from life is strange before Bigby Wolf. The game was even supposed to come out 2018 but we don't talk about that. Telltale confirmed that fables will be back they show us some screenshots but thats not enough and also why they couldn't post those pictures on their instagram or twitter. I don't know what's going on in the studio but I just feel like they are struggling to make this. I don't want to rush them but they can't be silent forever. And yes they need to do this game before GTA 6 or we will get the game sadly way after GTA 6. I just wanna play some choice based game and I can't because I played so many of them. I really need info on this telltale. Fans are worried and so am I.

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