W&G titles now working in linux with wine 1.1.31+ > may work one day in Crossover

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There was another thread here somewhere that explained how to use Wine & IEs4linux to get these titles running under linux. I'm happy to report that recent developments with the Wine HTML rendering engine (Gecko), means that things are now a lot easier in this regard for puzzling penguins...

If you're up to compiling/installing the wine-devel branch on your linux box, here's the cliff-notes;

Grab the wine-1.1.31 (or better) source tarball from WineHQ


Unpack/configure/compile/install wine-1.1.31 (or better)

Get 'winetricks' from the following URL ;


Use winetricks to install the following dependencies;


After all this is done, install your W&G title as normal.
Change directory to where the actual game executable is located, and launch the game with wine..the following examples 'The Last Resort' episode installation;
bash-3.2$ cd ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Telltale Games /Wallace and Gromits Grand Adventures/The Last Resort

bash-3.2$ wine WallaceGromit102.exe

Game should now launch and run....(runs well actually)

Now...if the above is beyond you, (or you happen to use a Mac), I can tell you I'm an advocate for the W&G Telltale Games episodes compatibility database entry over at the Codeweavers Crossover website, and I have a support ticket open there wrt getting these great titles running under Crossover-games...(currently they don't, however the demo versions of the W&G episodes run fine)...the devs over at codeweavers know about the changes I've found wrt wine-1.1.31+ & gecko (apparently it's one of the codeweavers devs who does a lot of gecko devel), and they're going to look at incorporating these Wine based improvements into some *future* release of crossover-games...I don't know when/if that will be, but my guess is 'sometime after crossover-games 9.0 is released' - at present we're at version 8.0....so like I say, eventually one day these TellTale Games W&G episodes should work 'out of the box' as they say with crossover-games...



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    Why are you doing all these difficult things.
    Throw Crossover in the bin.....
    There are better programs to make them work you know.
    All Telltales programs, like Wallace and Grommit, Monkey Island and Sam and Max are done in a second.
    Just finished of Sam and Max all episodes of season 1 & 2 in 14 hours.....
    all running smooth....but not done with Crossover...
    If you are an advocate overthere, why are the programs still not running?
    Hahahaha, what would i be overthere then, a god?
    If you are still not getting this to run, how long would it take you to do a real good game, these are all peanuts.
    And by the way.....most people overthere who hand you the solutions to make it run all have wine sources, wich i don't have. I can not patch and compile...... they can. And still problems?

    To prove to you, i've put the Wallace and Grommit in virtual mode....1680x1050 to show you.
    Here's the screen of my desktop...

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