The Last Resort crashes at Mrs. Gabberley

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Every time I try to calm down crying mrs Gabberley, the game crashes. This happens always after three "proper" answers to poor mrs. There is sounds of water, but the picture is just frozen, and nothing happens any more. If I keep hitting Alt+Tab or Ctrl+Alt+Del, I sometimes get a mouse cursor visible, but can't recover. I need to restart my PC to recover from the problem.

Is this some know issue, and is there some way to bypass this part to be able to continue the game? I tried already four times to play through that same scene.


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    Hmm... first of all, there is a support forum. Secondly, everything is up to date on your computer?
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    Oops, sorry, I didn't realize that this was a wrong forum. I am new to these forums. I'll copy my question there.
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