"Muzzled" getting terrible reviews in Amazon



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    Pale Man wrote: »
    I'm surprised these people managed to even find the website in the first place considering how utterly idiotic they appear to be.

    If you've ever seen the movie "Idiocracy" you'll know why those reviews are there.

    It's a sad sad sad glimpse of the reason adventure games like W&G, Sam & Max, Monkey Island had such a loooong break, and are still considered somewhat "niche" games.

    These games require honest-to-goodness thinking, creativity, you know ... all that stuff we needed before being able to be spoon-fed the BFG and just blow things away as the "ultimate game".

    I've liked W&G since the early days (yeah. I'm old. :P), have watched and followed Aardman/Nick Park for a looong time and those reviews are so... incredibly... ARGH. They represent exact the imbecile-like tendencies of the people who tried it.

    "It won't work on my computer" - Really. Did you check to see if your computer could run it?

    "I can't figure out how to play" - I'm sorry you took your stupid pills so faithfully.
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    Armakuni wrote: »
    I posted a review on Amazon... said it'll take 48 hours or so for it to appear -

    i read the review you posted on amazon, and a agree with it. Also i have vista and have never had any troubles playing the telltale games, and i've played all the tales from monkey island games, and all sam and max also, plus no trouble with wallace and gromit
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    puzzlebox wrote: »
    I bought this thing called a "book" the other day. Apparently it's some ancient form of entertainment from a time before computer games.

    It was complete and utter GARBAGE. I opened it up, and after reading one page, nothing happened. It was just waiting for me to do something, to interact with it in some way. I could not understand how to progress in the story.

    Needless to say, I certainly won't be purchasing any books in the future.

    It is strange that you can't progress without doing anything, i mean if i did nothing in tales of monkey island i'd still be on the ship waiting for the intro to finish, also in sam and max i'd still be at the office waiting to be given back the phone, also in wallace and gromit i'd still be waiting for the breakfast to cook itself. Fortunately i knew i had to progress the story, it doesn't do it for you no matter how much you wait.
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