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Well I played through the game and though it was mildly entertaining and an okay start I can't say I'm happy with it. I already knew the game was short when I purchased it, so I can't complain about that too much... it's more the reason it was so short, which is the lack of depth. Having read the books I was shocked as just how chopped and half-hearted this seemed. I think TTG was headed in the right direction, but stopped short of making this anything more than sub-par. The models are poorly made and have many amaturish mistakes (Thorn was especially odd looking and the cut-scene of her as a little girl was having me thinking "What's up with the dwarf in the monk robe?"... I had to go read those books again before I realized it was supposed to be her dream sequence as a little girl), the textures feel very rushed, and the dialogue is missing alot of the depth and variance that one comes to expect when playing many adventure games. The lack of interativity with surroundings was quite dissapointing as well, the game practically holds your hand and walks you to the end of the chapter (I felt it was quite accurate when someone mentioned that you wouldn't even have to understand anything being said to finish the game). The voice acting was fun and felt suitable (aside from the voices for the female characters) and the music was quite good; but aside from those two points this game didn't feel like it was in any way a commercial title. I've played freeware games of this quality that were longer and even a few freeware games that were of a higher caliber. If it has to do with file size then they need to dump the voice acting and work with compressed texture maps so they can get a higher quality and more polished product overall, or they need to work on refining their game engine. I do not feel this game was at all worth the $20 I paid, the only thing that makes it worth it to me is the fact that it's going to be helping to support a young game studio.

Here's to hoping they get their head on straight and figure out what they're doing soon.
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