Aardman Animation Interview (Wallace and Gromit)

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Hey guys, many of you will know me from my Monkey Island reviews/ Dominic Armato interviews.

I recently got permission from Aardman Animation (creators of Wallace and Gromit) to publish an interview I did one of their lead animators earlier this year, on my site.

If you fancy checking it out, you can do here:


Cheers! (After the last episode of Tales, I plan to review the Wallace and Gromit games, so this should make some nice alternative reading in the meantime!)


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    Comparing the short films to the games, I like how the Telltale series has a consistent cast of characters, like Ms Flitt, Mrs Gabberley, Dibbins and Mr Paneer. Sometimes it's jarring that between films, everything is different and only Wallace and Gromit are the only recurring characters.

    In the games it seems more like they live in a coherent West Wallaby Street universe where you can go into the town centre and see all familiar faces. You should mention that if you do any more interviews! :)
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    Thanks for the interesting comments! I think this topic was touched upon slightly in the interview, with regards to new character Fluffles.

    Perhaps the different animators at Aardman like the idea of an independant film, free from the shackles of what was established previously? But yes, the game (by its very nature) presents a much more consistent world that has a real sense of environment and place.

    I wonder how much input Aardman had in the design/ layout of the Telltale episodes? It is really fun exploring Wallace and Gromit's world!
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