Is it possible to GIFT a copy of W&G to a friend?

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hi telltale

i was wondering... a friend of mine was interested in the w&g game when i told him about it. i wanted to gift him the game for this birthday, but don't know if i can do so by ordering it while logged in with my account (i already own the game).

he doesn't play any games, he's jut interested in this one. is there an option to GIFT a game, like in steam? or can i order the game and pass the activation codes to him? would that be legit or would he have to create an account on his own?

and could i order 1x tomi and 2x w&g discs in january to pay shipment only once?

thx for any info!


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    bonnie wrote: »
    Currently, there are no clean ways to "transfer" a serial to another.

    What you can do is purchase as a gift by putting the game in your cart and clicking the "gift" box under the product description in your cart. This will spit out a gift code, something like GIFT-1234-5678-9123, where the giftee will have to redeem at when you're ready to give it up to them.


    So it appears that is the way to purchase gift codes. Your friend will need to create their own account to redeem the code and attach it to their own download page.

    I'm planning on getting a bunch of DVDs that I haven't claimed yet, including one for Season 1 Sam and Max, Strong Bad, ToMI and Wallace and Gromit. I am waiting for them all to be available at the same time, then order them and pay for shipping once (hopefully).

    I don't know if you can order two free DVDs for W&G...
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    oh hell! i've completely missed that box to check on the order page (and obviously searching the forums..).

    thx a lot commissioner!
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