Players winning a pot after folding.

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Here is a hand I just played.
Harry went all-in on the flop for a few thousand dollars and was called by Grandma.
I raised and Grandma called my raise.
On the turn, I bet and Grandma folded.
Harry made a flush on the river and I only had two pairs.
Now, if poker rules were respected, Harry would have won the main pot (in this case $8900) and I would have won the side pot (the money I raised on the flop, plus Grandma's money from the subsequent call).
However, for some reason, Harry got eliminated and Grandma won the pot (despite having folded earlier)!
I'm pretty sure that this situation had already happened to me a couple of times before, but I just thought that I was remembering the hand wrong.
Other than that (and a few other weird things, like players getting eliminated for not being able to afford the blinds, which another forum user posted earlier), the game is probably the Telltale game I've played the most, even though I might never have bought it were it not for the "Talk like a Pirate" day game giveaway (I already owned Bone, Sam & Max, Strong Bad, Wallace & Gromit and Tales of Monkey Island), so thank you Telltale!
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