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Hi, first off I´m glad that someone was able to pick up Sam & Max and we will finally see a new game. I´ve been replaying the oldie now and then and when I heard that a new one is coming made a quick scene test using a screencap from the old game as concept. It´s quite low in polycount and the textures are just quickly done placeholders; I mostly wanted to see how it´d look converted to 3d. Guess with decent textures and increased polycount the game can be quite the beauty in 3d.
My question now is how much work will you be able to put into the game? I know that good graphics don´t equal a good game, but it´s still important. Especially because I think Sam & Max gets much of its appeal out of the whacky looks and animation. Since I doubt you have the funding of a triple A title for the game, I´d just like to know what the tradeoff will be. This is in no way meant offensive, I merely say that creating content takes time and you have budget and time limits after all.

Put short I think that would leave the question: When are we going to see the first screenshots? :)

Here´s the images of the test I made, just in case anyone is interested.

edit: I just realized the images are wider than the forums standard width, I hope it is still ok to post them here. If not just change it to links. Thanks.

Screencap from the game:

quick test scene render:


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    Holy Kansas! That is one sweet test render. How long did it take you to make that scene?
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    Thank you woxel1, I´m glad you like it. Honestly I can´t say how long it took me. I usually forget to track time in any way. I did a bit of work here and there spread over several days and hours fly by fast. UVW mapping/unwrapping ate the biggest share of that probably, which is the part of 3d work which is most unpleasant. Guess I should learn to track my work hours, so I can supply some numbers, in case anyone wants to hire me *wink*
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    That's a very nice render :O
    Cool, now Telltale will have to make it at least that good looking unless they want to get beaten by a fan :D

    Btw, you forgot a sign :p
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    Hehe thanks. I hope telltale will at least finish their texturework. Not leave it as sloppy as I did in this test. :P

    Btw, I didn´t forget that sign, but if you check out the door area in the screencap, it´s hard ot figure out how that thing is really built. I tried to "flatten" the corner and build the door into it to make it more true to the concept, but it looked wrong and so I changed that part. The signs didn´t fit there correctly, so I left them out instead.
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    Glitterbug, did you see the trailer and concept art from the cancelled Lucasarts game? It was fairly far into production, and it had a proper trailer showing off the 3d world, and it looked pretty damn good to be honest.

    I like your render btw. Nice.
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    Yes I still have all that conceptart and screenshots and trailer on my hdd. Just checked it out again and I have to say it´s mixed feelings that conjures up in me. Some of them looked quite good, but others looked less than good really. Apart from some weird colors going on it looks like lots of bad textures were being used. They seemed to be done with photoshops noise and lighting filters rather than be painted by hand, which in my opinion would be vital for a good look in a game like Sam and Max. I could post up some of it, but I`m not sure that would be welcomed here.
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    Yeah, kinda why I didn't post any up myself :D

    Not a good way to create community spirit in here I'd imagine....
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