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.....is the target operating system important to anyone but me? We are all undoubtedly longtime gaming addicts and during the hayday of the adventure game era it wasnt a huge consideration but now the world is a different place. More and more people now primarily run a unix based os rarely if ever using windows now, will telltalegames aknowledge this and if so how? Non platform specific features? Own scripting system (similar to scumm) and then port the vm to each platform....Or java :)... Now I know the answer here is most likely going to be that the games will work only for windows but I thought I would toss the idea around a little.

Before people shriek when they read java let me clear up some misconceptions/lack of knowledge on certain areas.

Java isnt slow, believe it or not java can compare to c in certain cases with slight overhead here and there. With JIT/Hotspot java can run amazingly well (aslong as you code well).

Java CAN support good graphics, there is now a standard set of opengl bindings which will NOT go out of date (due to the fact that they are generated) and they can be used to produce any graphics that a c app using opengl could, the framerate is still good and there are many apps where you will get 60-70 frames using java, thats all thats needed so its a perfectly viable option. ( check out www.wurmonline.com for an impressive jogl app ) There is even a port of the quake engine to java - http://www.bytonic.de/html/jake2.html

Java works on a range of operating systems due to the languages nature and is a widely used, not to mention powerful langauage that is very valid as far as games are concerned.

Java is a great language for game creation and just because a fraction of the games made today use java does not change this fact, its javas youth in this area that gives it a crutch as people arent interested to develop in it. It will take a forward thinking company to take that leap of faith and stick with it before the industry will even consider to take notice, maybe telltalegames is the perfect company to take this leap, I think it is.

Also java applets would work well for the small games the company want to make.. Not to mention the fact that it would get the company extra publicity with alot of java enthusiasts/programmers being interested/supporting the venture.


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