Complete Collection Blu-Ray for $12

Hey, I just wanted to let all Wallace and Gromit fans that have Blu-Ray players and haven't picked up the Complete Collection yet that Amazon is selling the set for $11.99. Seems like a good thing to tack onto another order for Super Saver Shipping.


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    Hey, awesome! Thanks for that, RD!
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    Nice! It even includes " A Matter of Loaf and Death".
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    By the way, the disc is region-free, so it'll run on everyone's player.
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    I missed this thread when it was first posted (although I didn't have a Blu-Ray player then, so it wouldn't have mattered to me then anyway), so I just wanted to say thanks since I just ran across it and snagged a copy from Amazon. :D It's still on sale by the way, although it's $3 more than it was in the original post.
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