So I heard that you have to disqualify Pom-Pom from the race, but how exactly would I go about doing that? I've been having troubles completing this for a few hours now, and any help is greatly appreciated. =)


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    Checkin' the email... checkin' the email...
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    The email with the crown the crown. Then you check again and again.
    Also next time ask these questions in the help forum just saying
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    Read the e-mail about the total load (the one with the crown next to it) then read the letter they send back 2 more times, go to bubs pick up the otal load, got to the track into the locker room and use the total load on pom-pom's gym bag. then tell coach z about it and... Woah! Got ahead of myself there, don't wanna spoil to much.
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