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I used to watch the Wallace and Gromit television show when I was a lot younger, and loved the series. How closely related is this video game to the actual television show? What could you possibly go around and do in this game, because I have no clue on what they could base this game off of?


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    each one is like a old movie, they are very very loosely intertwined.

    Each episode involves Wallace, with a new job, having a problem and needing to use his wits and Gromit's as well to solve it. For example, in The Last Resort, episode 2, Wallace wants to make an indoor beach resort, but it's ruined when someone barks up the wrong tree and gets thumped, ensuing chaos. To understand the gameplay, I sincerely advise downloading the Grand Adventures demo from here. Essentially, you snoop around the enviroment, talk to characters, pick up items, and use them together in a creative way to solve Wallace's problems so they can save the residents of West Wallaby Street!
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