Clip already up on Gametap's site! (plus - request for TellTale)

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You can already watch it here:

By the way, is there any chance that the Telltale team could make a subtitled version of the clip? As I'm not a native english speaker, it's pretty hard for me to understand most of the dialogue if I can't see it written.


  • EmilyEmily Telltale Alumni
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    It's up here too:

    I don't think we can do a subtitled version, but we might be able to publish the script. I'll find out.
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    Ooh! Question! Question! Will the machinma shorts be included on the Season 1 Compilation CD? My heart says yes yes, but mind says pizza pizza.

    It's very confused.
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    Is it possible to just download it? Embedded videos tend to make my ISP slow down my connection to something like 14.4kb/s.
  • JakeJake Telltale Alumni
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    We'll probably be putting up a download version sometime soon.

    And as for the shorts inclusion on the season disc, that's very very likely. We don't know what will actually end up on there in the end yet (it's hard to judge when you're still making all the content), but the shorts would be a pretty logical choice for the disc.
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    Emily wrote: »
    It's up here too:

    I don't think we can do a subtitled version, but we might be able to publish the script. I'll find out.

    Aw, you must always remember that. Subtitles come in handy for us. I cannot get everything. :(
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    Ahah, nice!!!:D
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    Okay, I've checked out the version you put on the website. It's less compressed than the Gamespot one and I've understood 95% of it! :D
    Compression can make the difference for non-mothertongue speakers.
    I'd still like subtitles or a log, though. ;)

    Ah, BTW: it was hilarious. Am I the only one pleasently surprised by Kasten's delivery for Max? It's strong and effective IMHO.
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    PBS is the US-government supported television channel. It almost is exclusively focused on educational content, such as documentaries.
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    I love the writers.
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    Since these clips (right now just the first one) are done with TellTale's engine, wouldn't it be possible to put them up as exe-files? This way we could have the engine's benefits of multiple resolutions, subtitles and whatnot... maybe they could even plug into an existing installation of "Culture Shock", so that there's not even the need to have all the textures and models included in the download. With installation, they add a "Machinima" to the game's main menu, where all the released clips can be played.

    Well? Huh? How's that?
  • JakeJake Telltale Alumni
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    Nope because with the shorts we cheat. Some editing, the title cards, and all of the sound are done to the exported video in an editing program. The shots and dialogue and animation are all created using the Tool, but there's a lot of fine tuning that makes it too time consuming to build as a fully in-engine cutscene.

    It would be a good idea otherwise!
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    I like Max's new voice. Muchly. A lot more than before, but it's so close that I would have thought it was the same person as before if I didn't know better. Sam sounds oddly muted to me though (maybe just my lame headphones?)

    Bosco's lines in this were hilarious XD Thank you Telltale!
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    Edited to ammeliorate my embarassment.
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    Thanks Soup!
    What we need now is a transcript of the machinima shorts...:p
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    you know what the worst part is? it took me a triple take before I realized I had transcribed the wrong bit. I will forever post in shame.

    In the meanitime, I got working on "Frank Discussion" as soon as I realized my mistake.

    Sam & Max: Frank Discussion
    Sam: I'm telling you, Max, turkey franks are a vegetarian food.

    Max: They why do turkeys eat them?

    Sam: Hey Bosco, help us settle an argument, will you?

    Bosco: I make it a strict policy not to get involved in domestic disputes.

    Max: Good thing neither of us is domesticated, then.

    Sam: We're having a frank discussion about franks and how to classify them.

    Bosco: Be still my palpitating heart.

    Sam: I say they're technically a mineral, while butt-head, I mean Max, claims they're a trans-uranic substance.

    Max: They create energy as the decay. I saw it on PBS!

    Bosco: PBS is nothing but government-sponsored lies. Hot dogs don't decay, everybody knows that! It's the magic of preservative(s).

    Max: Really...

    Bosco: They remain inert while societies decay around them. This one's been on display since the Eisenhower administration.

    Max: Preservatives, you say. Does that mean if I eat enough hot dogs I can stay young forever?

    Sam: You'd probably wind up like some kind of horrifically mummified Joan Riversy creature.

    Max: Wow, that'd'a be great! Grrr! Beware my insidious desiccating mummy's touch!

    Sam: You know, I'm not as hungry as I was when we got here. Maybe we should skip the franks and go bowling.

    Max: Let's at least get some of those candies with the salt in the middle. They're invigorating, like a slap in the head!

    Sam: You crack me up, little buddy.
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    Thanks again, Soup!
    Telltale should publish these transcriptions of dialogues on the website. ;)
  • Thanks for the transcript, Soup!

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