crash on changing resolution after DirectX update

edited June 2010 in Wallace & Gromit
When I launched Muzzled and attempted to change the graphics resolution to 1600 x 1200, the screen turned white and after a few seconds the game crashed without saving the changed resolution.

My setup is two side-by-side 1600x1200 screens, the one on the left oriented landscape and one on the right oriented portrait. I play W&G on the landscape screen.

When I installed Muzzled there was an update of DirectX to June 2010.

I found a workaround -- I launch Muzzled, turn off fullscreen, change the resolution to 1600x1200, then turn on fullscreen.

I've crashed most of the W&G and Strongbad games many times, mostly when I am trying to adjust the graphics. Is this a frequently experienced with multiple monitor setups or Windows 7?
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