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I was wondering about the next BTTF game release. As a Spaniard, we've got these movies translated.

It was a very very nice translation with very good Spanish voice actors. I must mention Luis Posada who sadly passed away as Doc Emmett Brown. I have never said that a dubbed version improves the original but I have to make an exception here, maybe because I grew up with my Spanish version.

Question is: is there going to be a translated version of the game? At least with subtitles since we don't even have the Tales of Monkey Island game adapted to our language and although I can manage with English I prefer not to make any extra effort with brain-translation in my leasure time while playing graphic adventures.

If a translation is going to be done, in the Spanish version we didn't hear the "88 miles per hour" but "140 kilometros por hora", which was a little bit weird while seeing a number on the display and hearing another one in kilometers.

Calvin Klein name was also change to Levis Strauss as some of you might know because Calvin Klein was not very popular in 1985 but I don't thing this will appear in the game.

I just can't wait to get this game....only in English? ;)


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    I'm pretty sure we'll eventually get the translation, and there are two (three?) possibilities:
    a) Wallace & Grommit possibility: The game is released in Xbox Live Arcade at the same time than it's released in PC. Then, since Microsoft don't allow to release any game that isn't multilanguage, somebody will translate the game and we'll have the game translated from the very beginning.
    b) Sam & Max possibility: The game is released English only. Some time (one or two years) later, some international distributor will make a multilanguage retail version (usually, German and French dubbing, Spanish and Italian text translation). If we're lucky, that distributor won't be Namco Bandai-Atari.
    c) Monkey Island possibility?: Since Back to the Future (Monkey Island) is a franchise more broadly known than Sam & Max, and Telltale is supposed to have support from a bigger company (BttF: NBC Universal / MI: LucasArts), maybe the international multilanguage retail version come sooner and bigger (dubbing in Spanish and Italian too)...
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    I must admit, here's the moment when I actually would want and repurchase a German translation (retail). The two original voice actors of Doc and Marty LOVE doing these voices. MJF's long-time voice actor doesn't often have the chance to dub him nowadays; he jumps at every opportunity.

    The German BTTF dub had its downsides. Biff's idiomatic "make like a tree"-idiocies do not properly stand out in the first movie. Apart from that, it was really one of the better translations which readily altered meaning to better translate spirit. The Doc-Marty-exchanges are especially well done.

    It's the version my brother and I grew up with... a proper German dub would just have the extra bit of nostalgia. Also, I really hope that my brother would play it. In English, he probably wouldn't. :D

    This, however, will be my only post in this thread. Every single one of those eventually derails, with people posting "I demand (!!) a translation into this or that language", "I don't want this to be translated" (!), "Dubbing is bad", "You can learn English with non-dubbed games/ I learned English with non-dubbed games" or even "Everyone should speak English anyway". I'm working in the field of translations, and I don't think I should participate once more in such discussions. ;)
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