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This is mearly a suggestion from an over excited fanboy, but you think telltale would be able to get the rights for toonstruck?
If CL does the voice for Doc for BttF, I'm dying to see a sequel after the cruel, cruel cliffhanger of the first ending. And since at the end of the first
he becomes a toon he would just need the voice, not the live action parts
Do we know if the ogriginal actors have signed up for it at all yet?


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    I don't think Telltale has its mind on Toonstruck. It was a very nice game with a funny ending but that's the story and there is no more. That game was released a long time ago and the truth is that Toonstruck, with Christopher Lloyd or not, is not as legendary as Monkey Island or Space Quest could be.

    It is a shame because Toonstruck was funny as hell but sometimes we can find some underrated release as this game is.

    Funny note: Drew Blanc was renamed as Andres Truido in the Spanish version. It has nothing to do with drawing but the pun is that "des-truido" means "destroyed" in English. And I mean "destruido" and not "dres-truido" as the game tries to make fun of.
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    It kinda had a "Super Mario Bros. The Movie" type ending, which was really unfortunate.

    Personally I'd doubt it would happen, but it'd be a nice thought since the humor matches up relatively nicely with what Telltale has been successful with, but there's no way in hell they'd be able to get even most of the voice actors back.

    And besides that I dunno who even owns the property anymore. Virgin Interactive is defunct, correct?

    Edit: Semi-amusing quote from an interview with the lead designer.

    "AC: Do you think the adventure-genre is dead?
    RH: I think it definitely has been dead for the last few years. However, I am confident that the adventure game will make a comeback - but not exactly the way it was. I'm looking forward to 'Sam & Max 2' which is due out sometime in the near future. I also hope that The Collective can perhaps create a new type of adventure game and help revitalize this genre."
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