Things I don't want to see...

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I've been reading alot about what people want to see in the game on these forums and I'm starting to realise that my opinion on what the game should be like may not necessarilly be the same as the others.

I'm not going to waste time pleading for you to put the delorean into the movies, because I really don't think you'd leave the most identifiable thing from the movie out of the game... However I am a little worried.

I like I'm sure many of the new members got excited at the prospect of one of our favourite classic movies was finally being made into a computer game, however I just hope the game doesn't go down the same path as the cartoon series did.

Too much emphasis on the Doc's family as opposed to Doc and Marty's friendship. If you think about it, thats probably the most important relationship in the trilogy. This 17 year old teenager hanging out with this much older kooky scientist.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is I don't want Jules and Verne and even Clara really in the game at all. Infact I'm completely against it -- same goes for Doc's Time Train. The fact that Jules and Verne didn't even say anything in the movie and appeared in it for no more than 30 seconds I think should rule them out as even being considered as main characters within the game. I'm happy for them to have some sort of impact on the game aslong as it is the same or less than they had in the third movie.

So to sum up my main points -- things I don't want to see:

- Doc's Time Train
- Doc's Family
- A bad game from Telltale (just kidding, I'm sure you guys will be fine)

What do you guys not want to see?

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