Just found some new info on Back to the future game!!!

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San Rafael, California - In a glamorous press conference, Dan Connors, Kevin Brunner and Dan Molander announced a new and more interactive approach to their next released games. "It's a new era and time for TellTale Games with new technological advancement for entertainment" said Connor excitedly. In the press conference they unveiled their future episodic installment of their recently acquired "Back To the Future" The game unveiled will be in 3D format and set to be released in XBOX 360 as it will be making full use of XBOX 360 Kinect and WIFI.

"If you want Marty to run, you run, if you want him to jump, he jumps" said Kevin Brunner. "The game will come with a virtual helmet that will allow you to play the game in a more immersible environment" The game is set to recreate all the scenes from the first movie including the kisses with Marty's mother and girlfriend in which it will be a no doubt fun mini game. The most radical approach is that Back To The Future won't have to make use of the bothersome controllers, allowing for people without arms to finally participate in console games.


The unveiling of their upcoming game, and their next games being 3D, took by surprise many of the people in the press, as it announce yet a new peripheral for XBOX360 and the first game set to be used. Yet no announced date has be done, for this upcoming FPS MMO game.

Wow sounds interesting huh!


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    Troll. Also, the guy in the picture is using a joystick. Hardly "hands-free" to me.
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    Everlast wrote: »
    ...if you want him to jump, he runs"

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    Troll. Also, the guy in the picture is using a joystick. Hardly "hands-free" to me.

    Everlast isn't a troll, he's a person who's posting a joke in order to make people laugh - there's a difference.
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    Oh. A few definitions of "troll" have been floating around on the forums.
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    The nonexistent "Dan Molander" being the standout in this wholly accurate press release, I think.
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