How unfortunate that the Cow race has been delayed

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I've been checking the TellTale page all day waiting for it to come out. I purposely stayed up until late waiting for the Great Cow Race as well. It's now 2.30am Thursday 13th April and the Great Cow Race is not out so clearly it's been delayed. How disappointing... Perhaps TellTale shouldn't make annoucements if they can't keep to them :-(

P.S. Yes I'm aware that it's early morning Wednesday 12th April were TellTale is but that's hardly the point, I was promised the game on Wednesday and it's no longer Wednesday :-P And no, I didn't actually check the page all day, in fact I didn't realise it was coming out until about 30 mins ago as I missed the first annoucement (read the newsletter but missed the date) and didn't see the second annoucement until 30 mins ago. Obviously I didn't stay up late for the game nor did I actually expect it to be out when I noticed the annoucement (although it would have been nice :-) )


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    Where are you located? It's only 7:30 Wednesday morning in California, so we still have plenty of time to make good. :)

    Don't worry, the game has not been delayed.

    (I'm sorry you stayed up late, though.)
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