Character Licensing?

It occurs to me that Tycho and The Heavy are licensed characters from other franchises (ie. Penny Arcade and Team Fortress, respectively.) I figure that TTG obtained licenses to use these characters, but it also occurs to me that Hothead Games stopped production of the Penny Arcade Adventures series.

I imagine this is probably a one-shot thing for Team Fortress characters in a Telltale game, but what does it mean for Penny Arcade? Does Telltale own a license to make other Penny Arcade adventure games or even to continue the Penny Arcade Adventures series started by Hothead? Or is it a one-shot cameo appearance, same as The Heavy probably is?

This and other The Inventory licensing probabilities/possibilities, and what they might mean... Discuss.


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    Penny Arcade Adventures was obviously a label meant for a somewhat more ambitious goal than was actually warranted in retrospect: More things like Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness. I don't know HOW well or badly the first(only) two episodes of Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness did, but I'm sure that when putting the "main series" line before Rain-Slick, they intended to do more "Penny Arcade Adventures" and possibly had at least some minor mental stirrings related to what those adventures might be.

    Personally, I loved the Rain-Slick universe, I gladly supported the series, and even after the long hiatus I was sorely disappointed to see it go. I don't really trust Telltale with anything the way I used to anymore, but if there was even the slightest chance that they wouldn't make it an animated comic book with minor pretenses of interaction, I'd be in.
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