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Greetings, everyone!
First, I would like to say that I am quite disappointed with how the forum was hidden. It would probably take some time for people to see this message. Also, I will say again that Bone is my favourite video game series, and that if you did not do so already, please sign the petition for Bone 3.
And now, getting closer to the point: The soundtrack of the Bone games (by the amazing Jared Emerson-Johnson) is my favourite soundtrack, and possibly also my favourite music. (If you didn't hear it yet, you can do it here, or even better - you can buy the games.)
So, my question is whether there was already music composed for the third game. As Jared says in his description of the soundtracks, one important theme in the comics and the (planned) soundtrack is progression. There are hints for themes in earlier (for example, Phoney's theme in the locust chase) and later themes, (such as the Great Cow Race music,) and other themes (like the Rat Creature theme) are supposed to progress.
So, it would be highly possible that some of the soundtracks meant for the third game are partially or even fully made. If so, I will be grateful if they will be downloadable. Not only that I love the original soundtracks, but I am also very curious about their progression.


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    Wow, I never thought of that. That really would be cool. :) Though I doubt they'd release before if/when they make the 3rd episode...
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    I know that some of Thorn's theme in the first episode was meant to be there to plant a seed for grander use as the series progressed. I don't know how many other later themes exist, though I do know that Jared had at least sketched out the very rough beginnings of a theme for the stickeaters way at the start when mapping out general ideas during pre planning for Out From Boneville.

    That said there's probably not much more than that.

    Sam and Max season one started concurrently with the finishing of The Great Cow Race, and it was always known that a future Bone game wouldn't be what immediately followed Cow Race (we thought for a time that bone 3 would come some time after sam and max), so I think that Jared likely went straight from Cow Race to Sam & Max, with no time in between to poke around at future Bone stuff.
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    Well, that is quite a shame, I love the music as much as the games. Thank you a lot for the answer. I guess we will have to do with the existing (wonderful) music. (For now?)
    Perhaps, if we will be fortunate, we will see more Bone games. I still didn't lose my hope!
  • I will hate Telltale forever - unless they finish Bone some year. Before I'm dead.

  • 'Will there ever be more Bone games by Telltale?
    No. While Telltale was making Sam & Max Season One, they lost the rights to make games based on the Bone license.'

    Why did they let that happen?? Why did they lie to the purchasers pretending the series would continue? How did they lose the rights so shortly after beginning work!?

    Pathetic, really pathetic..

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