Relax... at the Inventory.

(For all of those who are getting a little too caught up in the anticipation... let's think of things to relaaax.)

Breathe deep.
Imagine the sound of Heavy's spinning minigun.
Imagine the sound of a D20 dancing across the table.
Imagine the sound of a speeding DeSoto.
Imagine the relaxing clickity clackity of an old keyboard.

Help us help you. What other soothing things should the Telltale fan-horde be thinking of? :)


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    but i dont wanna :(
    oh well, i can still play tf2, and continue my replay of ToMI :D
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    A sign saying "RELAX" in blood-red letters surrounded by two snakes crawling through the eyes of two human skulls.
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    List of what to do while you wait.
    1.To those who got raving dead for free, play it.
    2.Go on youtube
    3.If you preorderd this game(which we probably all have) go play tf2 and enjoy heavys new hat.(I will as soon as this new update comes out, most likely for the pokernight items)
    4.Read a book people
    5.Watch this and get a good laugh
    6.Abe Lincoln Must Die is free, go get it to those that haven't good for any back to the future newbies who want to learn more on gameplay.
    Ill post more of those when Im bored.
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    Gman5852 wrote: »
    4.Read a book people

    i an reading to win TF2 (because of this deal with my mom)
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    seibert999 wrote: »
    i an reading to win TF2 (because of this deal with my mom)

    You have to be bribed into reading books?
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    Here's how to REALLY pass the time:
    Read the TF2 Comics
    Play TF2 for a whole day with your Poker Visor
    Obtain every TF2 weapon
    Obtain every TF2 achievement
    Read every Penny Arcade Comic
    Play both 'Rain Slick' games and read the 3rd chapter
    Watch every Homestar Runner Cartoon
    Play through all of the web games like Stinkoman and Trogdor
    Play through SBCG4AP
    Find every Easter egg on the site
    Watch Sam & Max: Freelance Police
    Play through all 21 episodes of Sam & Max
    Play through Sam & Max Hit the Road
    Read through Surfing the Highway

    Actually if this was broken down a bit more, it would make for an interesting achievement/time passing game to do before the release.
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