Difficulty Levels?

I have been thinking about this for a while, and it might be a good idea.

Difficulty levels for the CPUs.

IF you are new at poker(like me) then you can start easy and work up, or you can start off as hard mode and have a challange.

So are there multiple difficultys, or does it vary per match, or what.


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    There are multiple difficulty settings, selectable by the player through the options menu.
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    Out of curiosity, would the difficulty settings affect the TF2 item rounds? Like if it's on easy mode would item rounds not happen, or have a smaller chance of happening?

    I mean, I don't play the real TF2 (just on the 360), so it doesn't concern me, but some other people might like to know that.
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    I'm guessing item rounds happen when a character runs out of money, so the chance of it happening should be higher, since it will be easier to defeat them on lower difficulty levels.
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