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Did Telltale say that the characters would have tells when they're bluffing? Because I should probably pay more attention to what they're doing if that's the case.


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    They knock on the table when their cards are weak. The players in Telltale Texas Hold'em do it too. But I don't know any of their individual tells.
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    The knock on the table means "Check", they do it when they check... nothing to do with weakness, it could be, but it also a strategy.
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    I don't want to know the tells. I am already a good player without them. With the tells it would become too easy.
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    Well, one time Tycho told me that I should call and promised that I wouldn't regret it, and he was right. Tycho would never lie to me. ;)
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    Sometimes they'll do things like touch their cards and other classic tells, but its not that often.
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