Future Installments?

Will PN@TI have any future installments? Or possibly expansions? I'd like to see more characters(of course), but I'd also liked to see more poker types available (draw poker for instance.) and possibly a separate multiplayer portion.

I know there is a somewhat jokey thread about potential characters for future installments of the game. However what about legitimate ideas? Characters that could potentially be in the game without having to do much work for licensing ect.

I'd like to see a sort of mix and match mode, where the game randomly selects from the available characters, that way you get a larger variety of table layouts with more possible character interactions.

Here are the characters that I'd love to see (and AFAIK shouldn't be too hard to get.)

Sam (from Sam and Max obviously)
Blue Scout (from TF2, would be a great interaction with HWG and he is one of the most talkative TF2 characters.)
Guybrush (Monkey Island, tbh I was amazed he wasn't selected in the first place.)
Div (from Penny-Arcade, the little drinking robot would be an awesome s*** talker.)
Gabe (also from PA)
Francis (from Left 4 Dead, he is already an admitted fan of gambling.)
Homestar (from HSR)
Bubs (from HSR)
Nelson Tethers (from Puzzle Agent.)
Raz (from Psychonauts.)


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