A suggestion [contains dialogue spoilers]

I like poker night a lot, I've played a couple of hands (lost one, won one), and this is the thing I want:

an option in the menu to only play each piece of dialogue once per game.

Better still, not an option, and it happens anyway.

Or, at the very least, an option to skip it. Playing scrabble with Superball? Funny. Once. Less funny twice. And the way the random number generator hated me this time, even less funny every single round.

Once you get into a head to head, you end up playing and repeating all the dialogue for check/bet/fold over and over again, and it stops being fun.

Otherwise, a great game.


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    Well, you can right click to skip dialogue.
    Otherwise, I doubt Telltale will do anything like you're suggesting, and in my personal opinion, I think the lines are varied enough so they don't sound too repetitive.
    Played it pretty much 6 hours in a row today :P Right clicking becomes mildly useful.
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    Have yet to right click. I like all of the dialog and see no reason to skip it, despite how many times I've heard it.
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