Multiplayer for Poker Night at the Inventory

I believe this game needs a multiplayer, the concept of this game is awesome. However if your versing the computer it will get a bit boring. So i'm wondering are they going to introduce a multiplayer


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    No. Not going to happen.
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    JJZeppelin wrote: »
    However if your versing the computer
    Two mistakes here: "you're", not "your". (Here's why it matters. ;)) "Versus" is not a verb (it's a preposition), so "versing the computer" does not make sense.

    Anyway, I don't think multiplayer would be very much fun, because the entire point of the game is the characters and the atmosphere. This runs in complete opposition to the needs of a multiplayer poker game. Believe me, I've played at an online poker room that tried to go for atmosphere and it was one of the most boring rooms I've had the misfortune to play at.
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    I agree with Furrykef:

    Have you ever played online poker? Most people want to play extremely fast. They don't need or want ambiance or clever dialog. They just want poker.

    The whole point of this game is to just relax and have a fun time with some of your favorite game characters.
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    I disagree, the kinds of people who play online poker may be fast players and most of them (though you didn't mention it) just play for money. I'd like multiplayer to just be able to play my steam friends list, preferably with voice chat - I have friends I who have moved away or I have moved away from, skype is nice but playing poker as a group over steam would be great.
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    But what would it be, visual-wise? Would you all just be invisible spectators?

    I suppose you could be Heavy or Tycho or Max or Strong Bad, but you would be under a lot of pressure to be those characters, what with the witty dialogue and all.

    I mean, I guess they could just be avatars, and you guys could talk about school and stuff, but that'd be pretty lame.
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    *Sigh* probably another idoit for who bought it for tf2 hats.
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    It could be very possible for people to cheat, unless there's some cheat-detection system. Trust me, people have done it in dumber games, like the speedruns in Mirror's Edge.
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    This needs to happen. Several people have said they'd buy it if it had multiplayer.
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    Would be awesome if it supports Multiplayer where you can bet your tf2 items too. eek.gif Sounds good?
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