Suggestion: Keyboard shortcuts

I like the game, and the dialog is pretty funny.

The game's controls are so simple, it would be nice to have keyboard shortcuts for the 3 primary options -- fold, call / check, raise.

Also, can the two "Enter" keys function as alternatives to "Click anywhere to deal next hand?"


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    Ditto. It would also help speed-up the game if (1) there was a checkbox for fold so that it would automatically fold when it came to you and (2) if the game would run when the window was unfocused.
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    I'd like a "bet/raise the pot" option, too. I'm a bit OCD and I almost always bet or raise the pot to the exact dollar, and it gets annoying fiddling with the amount to get it just right. I figured there was no chance in heck for it because it'd require another button on the GUI, but if you just press a key for it, that wouldn't be a problem.
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    The slow mouse cursor is driving me crazy. This would instantly be resolved with keyboard shortcuts. I was looking for them in the options because I couldn't believe anyone would make a poker game without keyboard shortcuts, but apparently here we are.
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    hopefully they could add this in an update? I would much rather use the keyboard
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