Post all Graphic/Crash problems here!

I had originally posted this on the Steam forums but I thought it would also be a good idea to post this here:

I've noised there are a LOT of posts now about the graphic problems and the constant crashing of this game. So lets all work together on ONE post so we all know exactly what people are trying and what's working and what's not working.

That I know so far,
This is NOT only an ATI issue.
Some people are able to see the background and some aren't.
"attempting to change the resolution at all will crash the game to desktop."
Menu screen just shows "play game,setting,and quit."
"Got pieces of telltale logo, then ripped menu, then phrase about $10 000 steaks, then half of screen is filled with game screen then crash."
"managed to get it to start the very first time. Went to settings, maxed out the graphics, tried to switch resolution to my max (2560x1600) and the game hung. For thirty seconds, followed by a CTD."
Restarting your computer does not make it work.
Reinstalling the game does not make it work.
Most people say verifying integrity of game ache doesn't work.
Menus all chopped up. Blank intro and game play.
"heavy went all in. and no options appeared afterwards. had to start a new tournament"
"Game dosent even load for me"
"When I click play a send error report pops up."
"Poker Night at the Inventory failed to start (Error Code 80)"
"Poker Night at the Inventory failed to start (Error Code 51)"
*For those who are wondering...This is what I see *

**Tests people have tried**
"My tests on: Intel GMA 945

Normal game: Intro cinematic shows up normally, black canvas on menu, but still can see Start Game, Options, etc. Change resolution or fullscreen mode crashes the game.

With Swiftshader D3D9: Game crashes before launching

With Swiftshader D3D8: The exact same thing as without swiftshader

I'm still trying other methods, like Modded Intel Drivers, Hardware TnL, 3D Analyze, and combinations between these apps.

Using 3D Analyze also doesn't work, and force Software Mode just crashes the game."

Will add more as I get more info.
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