Keyboard support

Are there any plans to have keyboard support in this game?

There really isn't much need for a mouse with a game like this. It'd make things like "calling" & "folding" etc much easier/faster with one keyboard click then to move the mouse then click.


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    I fully realize that with all of the other major bugs with this game (crashes, frame rate and the like) the chances of this happening soon are slim-to-none. But the worst part for me has been the slow frame rate. Waving that sluggish mouse around trying to hit buttons, sometimes missing them and hitting the wrong ones.

    I really feel that being able to set quick-buttons for all of the actions would speed up game-play. I know it'd make me a really happy camper... and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be the only one.

    With all that said, I really think this is a fantastic game. I'm willing to wait a while for the fixes. As long as we're sure they'll come eventually.

    Someone who purchased this game.
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